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Career Guidance

Realistic,Practical,Latest knowledge from on-field mentors

Web Development Web Development

Resume, CV, LinkedIn

Bring X-Facotr in your profile with a mentor.

Web Design Web Design

Psychometric Testing

Not sure what career to choose ?

SEO & Marketing SEO & Marketing
Research Research

Stuck in Career

Changing fields, trying new careers or facing mid-life crisis ?

Maintanance Maintanance

Lost in Job Search

Unable to land a job? Get a Job-Fit check !

24x7 Support 24x7 Support

Ace Interviews

Prepare to ace your interview with a skilled mentor.


Behind The Story

Idea & Analysis Gathering

Research & Analysis

Our Internal research team go through a lot of work before we share some information with you.

Design & Development

Verified Mentors

All our mentors are qualified and verified by us about their credentials, so that you dont hvae to worry.

Testing & Lunching

Millenial Career Question

Millenials get satisfaction in work where they can impact. We help you find work that you value.


We Turn Passions Into Careers

We are a team of qualified psychologists and career coaches that are dedicated to answer the question of "What is an ideal career for me" for young aspirants and build relevant 21st century skills.

  • We are bringing Psychometric Assessments and Knowledge to all the young aspirantsto guide their career plan.
  • We dont believe in information only, thus we keep skill building events to boost your career growth.
  • In this VUCA world our aspirations are guided by our values. We help you to find a career to make biggest impact.
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Join us in exciting events related to career, skills and growth.

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What Our Clients Say


Sonal Gaur


PowerWithin Education is a very trustworthy organization for psychology aspirants. There is still a lack of awareness and resources in the field of psychology in India. But with the organizations like PowerWithin setting the stage for psychology enthusiasts by providing coaching, study material, helping their interns in skills development.


Gursheel Kaur


The services provided by the organization are very high on quality and my experience has been wonderful so far. They have enabled me to get an accurate glimpse of the field and all the branches of psychology. Grateful and blessed to be associated with PowerWithin Education. It's definitely an enriching experience for any psychology aspirant.




PowerWithin Education is a good platform for students and commoners as well as to gain knowledge about psychology. The innovative ideas are commendable. Mentors are cooperative. Working environment is healthy and most importantly, it gives students as well as interns to explore new things and enhance their knowledge.